Saturday, 8 November 2014


Hope you have had a great half term. Just to let you know we have two new theatre trips to the Unicorn theatre coming up in 2015!

The first KS1 trip is on Sunday 11th January at 1.30pm to Polar Bears Go Wild (ages 2-5 so suitable for nursery to Y1).

If you're five or under, then here's the show for you. Get here on your skis/snowshoes/tractor, or paddle your canoe.

Calling all brave explorers! Join two friendly (and slightly naughty) polar bears on the adventure of a lifetime. Where are they going? What will they get up to next? And have they got enough sandwiches? Because polar bears love sandwiches, everyone knows that!

With music, laughter and quite a bit of cheekiness 
The Polar Bears Go Wild is a perfect treat for young audiences.

The second KS2 trip is on Sunday 8th March at 2pm to Britain's Best Recruiting Sergeant (ages 8 plus).

Little Tilley's dreams are realised as she follows in her father's footsteps and grows up to become Vesta Tilley, a shining star of the music hall whose much-loved act as a male impersonator makes her world-famous.

War breaks out and she supports the cause by helping to recruit soldiers to fight for king and country, but has she used her stardom for good? And is winning the most important thing?

The Unicorn commemorates the centenary of World War One and the 150th anniversary of Vesta Tilley's birth in this feisty, song-filled and touching look at the life of Vesta Tilley (1864 - 1952), who was nicknamed Britain's Best Recruiting Sergeant and led the way for female stars in music hall entertainment.

I have 50 tickets for each show discounted at £7.50 (usual price £10-16) available on a first come first served basis. The deadline is Friday 14th November. Letters went out on Friday. You can pay online, by cheque to Rosendale PTA or by cash. If you pay online please ensure you send your details (email and phone number) to

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Thank you to everyone who has booked seats on our recent trip offers. We have SOLD OUT of them all! Nearly 350 of us are going to the panto at Greenwich, over 100 to The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and 50 to The Fourth Wise Man. A theatre club record!

We have one more trip this term. Our latest trip for EY/KS1 is to see Dusk at the Young Vic Theatre in Waterloo on Saturday 15th November at 1.30pm. Theatre Club has 50 tickets available for this show priced at £10 each available on a first come first served basis.

It’s Dusk, the time when everything changes. 

Come with us to celebrate the wide, wild world around you. Nestled together in the heart of a forest, a group of creatures with furry tails are watching and waiting for someone to arrive. Their friend has a long way to travel, many things to discover and huge challenges to face. Dusk intertwines film and live performance to create a magical experience in which your child will play a central role. 

So put on your tail, prick up your ears, and get ready for Dusk

Dusk has been created for 4-7 year olds. Older children are welcome. Tails will be provided

Babes in arms are welcome. 

The play is aimed at children in reception and Key Stage 1 (recommended age 4-7). 

The ticket price is £10. If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, completed forms and payment should be placed in a small envelope marked F/A LISA STATHAM (THEATRE CLUB – DUSK) and left at the school office by no later than Friday 10th October. NB. Please make cheques payable to Rosendale PTA.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Thank you for booking tickets to the panto - to date an astonishing 240 of us are going - by far our biggest trip ever! 

Just want to alert Rosendale Theatre Club to two more festive trips coming up - this time to the fantastic Unicorn Theatre in London Bridge. Letters went out in book bags on Friday but just in case you missed them they are:

Trip to the Nutcracker and The Mouse King–KS2 children (recommended age 8 plus)
Sunday 23rd November 2pm

This Christmas the Unicorn goes back to the roots of E.T.A. Hoffman's magical story to create this wondrous and festive production of an old and favourite title. It's Christmas Eve, 1805. Seven year-old Marie retrieves the sad and broken Nutcracker from under the Christmas tree and promises to look after him. But on the stroke of midnight he comes alive, and after enlisting Marie’s help in his battle with the evil Mouse King, they journey together through strange and fantastical stories until they finally arrive in a secret land made of nothing but candy. Full of magic, mice and adventure, this will be a Christmas show to remember.

The play is aimed at children in Key Stage 2 (recommended ages eight up). The ticket price (discounted for schools) is an incredible bargain at £7.50 (normal price children £15 adults £22). There are just 75 tickets available on a first come first served basis. 

Cinderella, our trip to their Christmas show last year, was brilliant - don't miss out!

Trip to the The Fourth Wise Man (recommended age reception-Y2)
Sunday 30rd November 1.45pm

Everyone has heard of the Three Wise Men, but have you heard of Artaban, the fourth? One day Artaban, the wisest of them all, spots a beautiful new star in the sky. It's the biggest and brightest star he has ever seen, and he knows it will lead him to something special. A special baby in fact, so special that everything (and that means everything) must be perfect. Join Artaban as he prepares for a momentous journey. But what should he wear? What gift should he bring? And where on earth will he find the right camel? A funny and heart-warming show about one man and an elusive camel that will leave audiences with a decidedly Christmassy glow.

The play is aimed at children in reception and Key Stage 1 (recommended ages reception up). The ticket price (discounted for schools) is an incredible bargain at £7.50 (normal price children £10- adults 16). There are just 50 tickets available on a first come first served basis. 

The deadline for payment is this Friday 26th September - either by cheque to Rosendale PTA, cash or online. Unlike the panto these seat allocations are fixed - we can definitely have no more than 50 for The Fourth Wise Man so get in quick!

Looking forward to seeing those who booked at our KS1 trip to The Secret Life of Suitcases at The Unicorn tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


We hope you had a great summer holiday! 

Thank you to everyone who booked tickets for The Secret Life of Suitcases on 12th September and How Nigeria Became on 12th October at The Unicorn Theatre. Seat confirmations have now been emailed out for these shows and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

If you didn't get chance to book these shows last term don't worry - we have lots more great shows coming up this year.

And on to the first one. One of the highlights of last year was the Xmas trip to the brilliant Greenwich Theatre Panto - we all had a fantastic night and are still singing the songs!  We are really excited to offer you another trip to see this year's show Jack and the Beanstalk on Saturday 6th December at 7pm. Based on last year, we would urge you not to miss out on this show. 

The play is aimed at all the family from reception age up. By exclusive arrangement, Theatre Club has 200 tickets (increased this week from 100 due to demand) at the incredible bargain price of just £10.50 each (normal price £13.50 children and £27 adults) available on a first come first served basis.  

Andrew Pollard returns to Greenwich with yet another all-singing, all-dancing pantomime spectacular!
With Giant Bonecrunch raising taxes yet again, and his wicked Henchman making sure everyone pays up, times are hard for Jack and his Fairy. Can an old cow, a bag of beans and a visit from a mysterious fairy really save the day?
Greenwich... one of the best pantos in the country
British Theatre Guide

Greenwich has once again created one of the best pantomimes in the country. Fresh, fun and fruity, pantomime doesn’t get much better than this… more enjoyable than Christmas Day itself...
British Theatre Guide

No frills, no celebs, just plenty of top notch larks from the Greenwich Theatre's ever enjoyable festive blow-out.
Time Out Critics Choice 2010

Cracking storyline, a witty script, a foot-tapping soundtrack and a cast whose ensemble talent and energy rival any West End production... Panto perfection
Greenwich Visitor

Boy are there some knock-out numbers in this show... for tips on how a panto should be done, producers would do well to look to Greenwich Theatre... a faultless and unmissable joy which is guaranteed to grant all your panto wishes.
News Shopper

PLEASE NOTE: These tickets are already selling out fast - please get payments in ASAP to ensure you get your requested seats. Payment (cash or cheque) should be placed in a small envelope marked F/A LISA STATHAM (THEATRE CLUB – JACK AND BEANSTALK) and left at the school office by no later than Friday 19th September.   Please make cheques payable to Rosendale PTA. Letters are going out to the school this Friday and online payment should be available next week.

Please ensure you include in the envelope the following information (NB payment may be declined if this info is not provided).

Number of tickets required…………………………………
Amount enclosed CASH....£.....................CHEQUE......£........(or PAID ONLINE £...........)
Name of child(ren): ...................................................................................................
Class(es): .................................................................................................................
Name of parent carer: ...............................................................................................
Contact number for parent carer: ..............................................................................
Email address of parent carer:………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Name of adult accompanying the child during the trip if different from above:………………………………………..
Many thanks - hope to see you there!

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Hopefully you will have received letters in book bags and emails about:

- 1001 NIGHTS (recommended age 7 plus) at The Unicorn on Saturday 7/6 at 2pm Tickets £8.50 (usual price £10-£16)

1001 Nights collects together some of the greatest folk tales ever told. Here they are re-imagined by Shahrazad – a lively young girl who, torn between her old home in the East and her new life in England, re-tells the extraordinary stories of her childhood to her new-found friend, who understands not a single word she says…

Using the things she finds around her, Shahrazad fashions saucepans into crowns, old pipes into enchanted telescopes and a mop into a magic carpet to transport us to a fantastical and imagined world of kings, viziers, and jinns.
This compelling, funny and totally absorbing play wowed audiences at the Unicorn in 2013 and now returns for just two weeks as part of a UK tour.


- MOONMINSUMMER MADNESS (ages 4-8) at The Polka on Saturday 14/6 Tickets £9 (usual price £13.50)

Meet the Moomins on a summer musical adventure!
Breathtaking puppetry, live music and humour bring Tove Jansson’s much-loved Moomins to life on stage.
When a huge flood sweeps through Moominvalley, the Moomins find an exciting new home… a floating theatre!
But why is there a door in the floor? Why does the scenery start changing? And where do Moomintroll, Little My and Snork Maiden disappear to? As strange things start to happen it seems the only way to bring the family back together is to put on a play!
Tove Jansson’s adorable Moomin characters have charmed children for generations. Now, one of her most popular stories jumps from page to stage for the first time, for the perfect summer family treat.


- THE SUMMER BOOK (recommended age 6 plus) at The Unicorn on Sunday 15/6 Tickets £8.50 (usual price £10-16)

Set on a remote island in Finland, six year-old Sophia and her grandmother while away the summer months together, and gradually a fierce yet understated love emerges between the two – one that encompasses not just their relationship but the island itself, with its mossy rocks, windswept firs and unpredictable seas.
This year is the centenary of the birth of Tove Jansson, much-loved creator of the Moomins, and this unique story captures much of the writer’s own experience.

Anyone who has ever known a grandparent or a grandchild will recognise the truths in this extraordinary description of life and love and the struggle we all face, whatever our age, to understand them.

This is a perfect summer show for grandchildren, grandparents and everyone in between.


We currently have a limited number of tickets left for all these shows. As letters went out on Thursday, I am extending the deadline to Wednesday 30/4. Please let me know if you want to come at and get payments in by then to office. All the trips are on the online booking system too.

1001 Nights comes particularly recommended - it has been brought back to The Unicorn for its UK tour after an acclaimed run last year. I have reserved 100 tickets for this show and am also offering seats out to other schools. For a sample of the rave reviews see and

And have lots more fabulous trips coming up. As we had such a brilliant time last year, I have reserved 100 discounted seats already for the fabulous Greenwich panto this Christmas which always sells out. And I have been tipped off that Romeo and Juliet, a fantastic show for over 7s which was at the NT Shed last summer, is going to return in the autumn. The NT has Treasure Island coming for Xmas - but at the moment it is looking from the script that it is pitched at ages 12 and above - will keep you posted!

We may also be offering a summer trip to Comedy4Kids (hilarity for age 6 plus - expect lots of toilet jokes) who are coming locally to Dulwich. And of course as soon as the autumn season is announced at The Unicorn and other local theatres I will be getting booking. Watch this space! 

Please email any advance interest to

Sunday, 30 March 2014


We have had SO many theatre trips this term! The support and enthusiasm for Rosendale Theatre Club just continues to grow and grow. Thank you!

Including The Elephantom trip in January, we will have totalled an incredible 470 seats for parents and children from Rosendale  in just this term alone. WOW!

To break this down we delivered an incredible NINE trips:

129 The Elephantom at the NT on 10th January
40 to The Pardoner's Tale at The Unicorn on 18th January
53 to Grandpa's Railway at The Unicorn on 8th February
45 to Dinosaur Zoo at The New Wimbledon Theatre on 8th March
10 to Not Now Bernard at The Unicorn Theatre on 8th March
20 to the RSC tour of The Taming of The Shrew at Pheonix High School on 13th March
50 to At the End at The Unicorn Theatre on 29th March
104 to The Velveteen Rabbit at The Unicorn Theatre on 29th March
and finally 20 to Minotaur at The Polka Theatre on Friday 4th April

I really hope everyone has enjoyed them - the children certainly seem to have done!

Petting a baby dinosaur at Dinosaur Zoo!

Getting ready for for The Taming of The Shrew!

I am now gathering interest and support from parents at other schools in the local area. I hope to offer discounted trips to more children in other schools in Lambeth and Southwark very shortly under my new organisation Brockwell Drama. I am making arrangements for this to become a registered charity soon. If you are interested in being included in the mailing list and finding out more about future theatre trips and drama classes please email

However please don't worry - Rosendale Theatre Club and all the fun we are having will continue! Please keep following this blog for more details.

Have a great Easter!

Lisa Statham

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


An incredible 129 of us had a fantastic time at The Elephantom at the NT on 10th January. Next trip (for those who have booked in advance only) is Grandpa's Railway on 8th February at the Unicorn. Hope to see you there!

And more Theatre Club trips coming up....

Letters will go out tomorrow  in book bags to the school for our 2 next trips to The Unicorn in London Bridge:

Both on Saturday 29th March

1pm At the End of Everything Else - KS2 - age 8 upwards

When her best friend, a little yellow bird named Tito, goes missing, Icka puts her inventive mind to the test and sets off on a mission over land and sea to save him. But nothing can prepare her for what she finds – a problem that she is unable to fix alone. At the End of Everything Else is performed with puppetry, animation, music, sound and only the collective energy of the team on stage to generate all the power needed for the show. Join the Unicorn for a truly unique performance by Mark Arends, writer/director of award-winning Something Very Far Away, which captivated audiences and received rave reviews across the UK.

3pm The Velveteen Rabbit - KS1 - age 4 upwards

This Easter, join us for a heart-warming story about a very shy toy Rabbit who longs for nothing more than to become real. He spends his days waiting patiently on the nursery floor, watching the Boy play with the other toys and dreaming of being picked up and loved. And then, one day he is rediscovered and all his hopes start to come true...First published in 1922, this classic American tale loses nothing of its power, magic and charm in this contemporary adaptation for the Unicorn stage.

Tickets are £7.50 each. Please look out for these letters and get slips and payments in by the deadline Monday 3rd February! Cheques now to be made payable to Rosendale PTA. Excitingly you should also be able to book tickets for these shows online! Please have a go.


I have two trips that I won't send letters out to the whole school for (as too much admin) so are exclusives!

Thursday March 13th - 6.30pm - Phoenix High School, Shepherd's Bush

Phoenix High School
The Curve
Shepherds Bush
W12 ORQ.

1/ The new RSC children's production of The Taming of the Shrew - aimed at age 8 plus (Years 5 and 6)

This really is an exclusive as the RSC are not selling tickets to this - they just alerted me that the tour was in London for 2 days only. It is part of their first encounter project - introducing children to Shakespeare so should be really good!

Tickets are just £5 adults and £3 children. 

2/ Minotaur at the Polka Theatre on Friday 4th April at 7pm (the last day of term). Legend updated to heroic modern day boy story. Ages 8 plus - children under 7 will not get in as they have quite strict door policy for the main theatre. There is a great writing competition kids can enter too.

This is a saver show - so all tickets are just £9 each (usual price £9-13)

If you want tickets for either of these shows - I have reserved 30 for each on a first come first served basis - the deadline (bit extended) is Monday 3rd February. Please email me with your interest and leave envelope marked up with F/A LISA STATHAM - and name of the show. Cheques to be made payable to Rosendale PTA. Please include on the envelope:

Your name
Name of your children and class
Mobile number
Email address
Number of tickets required
Payment - please make cheques payable to Rosendale PTA

Many thanks.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Happy new year! 

Shakespeare Schools Festival 
A big thank you to everyone who came along to our second production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Jags before Christmas. A special thank you too to those who came along to help out at such a busy time of year. It was a brilliant night. The children were incredibly excited about performing again in such a great space and they were all amazing - especially those children who took on roles at short notice. To date, we have now raised an incredible £700 for the PTA to put towards drama at Rosendale in 2014 which is fantastic.

It is brilliant we are going to have a regular after school drama club for KS2 at Rosendale in the New Year. Our teachers, Rosie Unwin and Sophie Lavender, are going to do an amazing job. Trained and experienced in drama, they have played a massive and vital role in the two SSF productions last term and are incredibly supportive of drama generally. If you were unsuccessful or missed the boat this time round, please do apply again to them at the end of next term.

Theatre Club
I hope everyone enjoyed our many Xmas shows - last half term 250 of us (not including the year group trips) had great fun atTwas the Night before Xmas, Cinderella, Puss in Boots and Emil and the Detectives!  We have an incredible 129 of us to date going to The Elephantom on Friday at 4.30 the NT - our biggest parent led trip so far! In 2013, in just six months of being set up, well over 1000 Rosendale parents and children have seen shows at local theatres with us which is amazing.

New trip - Dinosaur Zoo
And onto the next one! Following good reviews in the West End, we have 50 seats at £11 (usual price £17-20) for the regional tour of Dinosaur Zoo in the New Wimbledon Theatre at 4pm on Saturday 8th March. 

The show is suitable for age three plus. It consists of an educational talk on dinosaurs and live life size animatronic Dinosaur puppets. It lasts approximately 1 hour. See This is an exclusive offer to theatre club. If you want tickets please leave payments at the office in an envelope marked F/A LISA STATHAM - DINOSAUR ZOO with the following details (which are important so please don't forget):

- Your name
- Name of children and class
- Mobile phone
- No of tickets
- Email address
- Payment

Cash or cheque is fine. PLEASE NOTE As this is a group not school booking discount please make cheques payable to Rosendale PTA.