Sunday, 27 April 2014


Hopefully you will have received letters in book bags and emails about:

- 1001 NIGHTS (recommended age 7 plus) at The Unicorn on Saturday 7/6 at 2pm Tickets £8.50 (usual price £10-£16)

1001 Nights collects together some of the greatest folk tales ever told. Here they are re-imagined by Shahrazad – a lively young girl who, torn between her old home in the East and her new life in England, re-tells the extraordinary stories of her childhood to her new-found friend, who understands not a single word she says…

Using the things she finds around her, Shahrazad fashions saucepans into crowns, old pipes into enchanted telescopes and a mop into a magic carpet to transport us to a fantastical and imagined world of kings, viziers, and jinns.
This compelling, funny and totally absorbing play wowed audiences at the Unicorn in 2013 and now returns for just two weeks as part of a UK tour.


- MOONMINSUMMER MADNESS (ages 4-8) at The Polka on Saturday 14/6 Tickets £9 (usual price £13.50)

Meet the Moomins on a summer musical adventure!
Breathtaking puppetry, live music and humour bring Tove Jansson’s much-loved Moomins to life on stage.
When a huge flood sweeps through Moominvalley, the Moomins find an exciting new home… a floating theatre!
But why is there a door in the floor? Why does the scenery start changing? And where do Moomintroll, Little My and Snork Maiden disappear to? As strange things start to happen it seems the only way to bring the family back together is to put on a play!
Tove Jansson’s adorable Moomin characters have charmed children for generations. Now, one of her most popular stories jumps from page to stage for the first time, for the perfect summer family treat.


- THE SUMMER BOOK (recommended age 6 plus) at The Unicorn on Sunday 15/6 Tickets £8.50 (usual price £10-16)

Set on a remote island in Finland, six year-old Sophia and her grandmother while away the summer months together, and gradually a fierce yet understated love emerges between the two – one that encompasses not just their relationship but the island itself, with its mossy rocks, windswept firs and unpredictable seas.
This year is the centenary of the birth of Tove Jansson, much-loved creator of the Moomins, and this unique story captures much of the writer’s own experience.

Anyone who has ever known a grandparent or a grandchild will recognise the truths in this extraordinary description of life and love and the struggle we all face, whatever our age, to understand them.

This is a perfect summer show for grandchildren, grandparents and everyone in between.


We currently have a limited number of tickets left for all these shows. As letters went out on Thursday, I am extending the deadline to Wednesday 30/4. Please let me know if you want to come at and get payments in by then to office. All the trips are on the online booking system too.

1001 Nights comes particularly recommended - it has been brought back to The Unicorn for its UK tour after an acclaimed run last year. I have reserved 100 tickets for this show and am also offering seats out to other schools. For a sample of the rave reviews see and

And have lots more fabulous trips coming up. As we had such a brilliant time last year, I have reserved 100 discounted seats already for the fabulous Greenwich panto this Christmas which always sells out. And I have been tipped off that Romeo and Juliet, a fantastic show for over 7s which was at the NT Shed last summer, is going to return in the autumn. The NT has Treasure Island coming for Xmas - but at the moment it is looking from the script that it is pitched at ages 12 and above - will keep you posted!

We may also be offering a summer trip to Comedy4Kids (hilarity for age 6 plus - expect lots of toilet jokes) who are coming locally to Dulwich. And of course as soon as the autumn season is announced at The Unicorn and other local theatres I will be getting booking. Watch this space! 

Please email any advance interest to